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Dear Angelica by Oculus Story Studio 

  • By levi brocklehurst
  • 20 Jul, 2017

Dear Angelica is a masterpiece of captivating emotional VR storytelling

Dear Angelica by Oculus VR Animation Story Studio
Dear Angelica by Oculus VR Animation Story Studio
Dear Angelica  is a fully formed powerfully emotional journey created for VR. It's a story of the relationship between a child and mothers shared comfort, joy, sadness and eventually loss that everyone can empathise with, which makes for a truly emotional and engaging piece meant to stir the brain and heart. 

Dear Angelica VR Animation
Dear Angelica VR Animation
The story is centred on 'Jessica' who is a young woman (voiced by Mae Whitman) who is reminiscing about her late mother and the time they spent together. It begins in a darkened room, with Jessica (Mae Whitman) burrowed in her bed writing a letter to Angelica her late mother. As Jessica watches her old movies you're taken on a journey and experience her memories as living painting being created before you with all emotions that a painting can convey as she visualises her past. It’s simultaneously intimate and detached, serene and unsettling. Her dream like memory makes you feel as if you are an unwelcome intruder yet trusted confidant in both Jessica’s room and mind as you share her deepest thoughts giving a sense that you can never really touch what is there. The Music, words and images are beautifully surreal and completely fills the space around you resulting in an overwhelming sensory emotional experience.
VR Animation 'Dear Angelica'
Dear Angelica captivates the essence of storytelling by being both beautiful and heart-warming but at the same time gut-wrenchingly sad. Experiences like Dear Angelica show the power of the VR storytelling as a conduit for emotion and empathy and is a perfect example of why VR is the most immersive, transformative, and powerful storytelling medium to date. This is a must-see experience, and one you should share to champion the potential of VR storytelling.
Dear Angelica was made using Quill
Dear Angelica was made using Quill
Directed by the former Pixar artist Saschka Unseld and art from illustrator Wesley Allsbrook the piece uses a drawing tool called Quill which was specifically developed for the project. Dear Angelica is available today on the Oculus Store.

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By levi brocklehurst 25 Sep, 2017

The 74th Venice International Film Festival, held from August 30th to September 9th, 2017, is a milestone for virtual reality filmmakers and is the festival’s first-ever competition for films made in VR.

For this year’s competition, Venice Film Festival established the “Virtual Reality” category, which means that all “Big Three” film festivals are accepting VR entries. 4 out of the 22 finalists worldwide were from China. Among them, Pinta Studios debut film “The Dream Collector”

By levi brocklehurst 02 Aug, 2017

Mexican animation studio Anima Studios creates its first VR short working with Ventura Entertainment by developing the creative idea and supervising the production of the new VR ride, Cantinflas Presents: The Time Machine. 

The Mexico City-based animation company Anima Studios (Ánima Estudios) is Latin America’s foremost animation house who developed and supervised the production of the VR ride in collaboration with amusement park giant Ventura Entertainment. German VR ride companies Ambient Entertainment and VR Coaster were also partners on the project.

By levi brocklehurst 28 Jul, 2017

From the Virtual Reality Company (VRC), the animated series has been titled “Raising A Ruckus” and tells the story of of two siblings on a magical adventure with their mischievous pet dog Rukus that can transport them to fantastical worlds. The trio travel the world during the course of the series and have all sorts of incredible adventures together. The experience transports viewers into a prehistoric world, as they chase Rukus with skeletal versions of dinosaurs appearing, braving a raging river, to discover it was all part of Rukus’ magical plan.

By levi brocklehurst 28 Jul, 2017

Sketchfab's Lily & Snout is the “world’s first WebVR short” and a 360-degree CG animation designed to showcase the online 3D Model-Sharing platforms new audio support.

The 90-second short is a brief snapshot in the life of a girl and her pet dragon – it uses Sketchfab’s new audio features both for the soundtrack and positional sounds, with the latter helping the viewer know where to look. 

It was created over a period of eight weeks in partnership with new collaboration platform Artella, and produced by Artella founder and former Disney and Pixar animator Bobby Beck. 

Watch 'Lily and Snout' VR here!

By levi brocklehurst 26 Jul, 2017
Allumette is a 20-minute animated film loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's “Matchstick Girl,”. This short story was a literary tale of social justice, with Andersen highlighting the unjust plight of orphans across Europe in the 19th century. It's a children's story that's whimsical and melancholy in an intimate emotional level. It's focus is on the love between a mother and her child as well as the sacrifices that people are willing to make for the greater good. 

By levi brocklehurst 25 Jul, 2017

An immersive, animated VR Short Movie. Crafted by the artists, animation storytellers of Penrose Studios “The Rose And I” is about a lonely Rose living in the unlikeliest of places, and join her as she transports you to a brand new universe of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. .

The short movie is a touching adaptation of "The Little Prince" from Penrose Studios which allows users to observe the bond between a rose and its caretaker on a asteroid floating through space. When watching “The Rose and I” with a VR headset and positional tracking, viewers can walk around the asteroid and explore it from all angles.

By levi brocklehurst 20 Jul, 2017
Dear Angelica  is a fully formed powerfully emotional journey created for VR. It's a story of the relationship between a child and mothers shared comfort, joy, sadness and eventually loss that everyone can empathise with, which makes for a truly emotional and engaging piece meant to stir the brain and heart. 

By levi brocklehurst 19 Jul, 2017

'Pearl' released in May 2016, is one of Googles Spotlight Stories where storytelling and VR meet. It just became the first virtual reality project to be nominated for an Academy Award, making it the first Oscar nominated film done in VR. This is Osborne’s second nomination. His first was for 2014’s short film “Feast,” which went on to win the Oscar for best animated short film the following year.

“Pearl” tells the story of a single father raising his young daughter. Her name is Sara. Pearl is the name of the car and their home, a beloved hatchback, Pearl follows a Sara and her dad as they crisscross the country chasing their dreams. It’s a story about the gifts we hand down and their power to carry love. And finding grace in the unlikeliest of places.

By levi brocklehurst 18 Jul, 2017
Baobab Studios Mac and Cheez are back with their robot sidekick Peas, this time on a dangerous, deep space mission. Disaster strikes as they are attacked by teeth-gnashing space bugs careening asteroids. VR Animation studio Baobab released a preview to the second episode of its breakout animated Sci-fi experience “Invasion!”

ASTEROIDS! Asteroids is a 10-minute interactive film that takes us into space with our two alien friends and is the second part of a five-episode series which follows two aliens, Mac and Cheez (voiced by Darnell and actress Elizabeth Banks), as they complete their daily tasks in their spaceship. You ride along with the two aliens that were first introduced with “Invasion!”.

You explore the nooks and crannies of their spaceship and delve into the nature of friendship as the two pals squabble before ultimately demonstrating their mutual affection. These two are Laurel and Hardy-like bumblers. Mac is the OCD one, always working to make sure everything on board is spotless. When we meet him, he’s cleaning a window, obsessively wiping the same spot again and again. Cheez, who is voiced by the actress Elizabeth Banks, is more of a slob. That conflict tends to result in Mac getting upset about the untidy state of the ship.

By levi brocklehurst 16 Jul, 2017
Penrose’s Arden’s Wake , is an epic story of a young woman and her father living a ‘post-apocalyptic’ world and takes place around an ocean-bound life in a distant future. During an underwater scavenging trip, Mina’s father disappears. When she goes to rescue him, we learn that their small cabin is built on top of an underwater future Manhattan, and that a fantastical mysterious creature dwelling in the ruins of the darkest depths of the deep blue. 

The episode is described as the prologue for a tale that will continue to grow in instalments and is the first piece set in a world that envelops viewers in a massive future ocean and introduces the viewer to their charming lighthouse-home, and the depths beneath them.

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